We are experts with all manufacturers in the desktop computer market from: Dells, HPs, Gateways, Toshiba you name it we have intimate knowledge on your brand of computer. This intimate knowledge allows us to work quickly and efficiently in diagnosing and resolving your computer problems posthaste.


  • Hard drive replacement – The Data storage component of your PC
  • Memory upgrades –If your computer is getting slower
  • Data recovery – We can get those family pictures/documents back!
  • Screen / LCD change – Accidents happen, or maybe it’s the screen isn’t as bright as used to be.
  • Keyboard replacement – For when your toddler takes off keys or Wine gets spilled.
  • Mother Board – Stuff happens

For desktop repairs we also offer our Onsite repair service. We are able to come straight to your location provide stellar trouble shooting and repair right in the convenience of where ever your computer/network is.