In our increasingly mobile world laptops are the workhorses that get things done in this modern age. With all workhorses they need a periodic tune up; we provide some of the best horse shoes in the business. From Dells, HPs, Lenovo’s, Sony’s, Toshibas we can diagnosis and repair your system.

With our On-site service our technicians can to come to you and the environment your Laptop inhabits and understand what’s plaguing your system or network. This service is not just convenient it’s pivotal to diagnosing problems typical Big Box repair shops might be able to catch.

We also offer our In-shop services where you can bring in your ailing computer to be freely diagnosed and repaired. We have all the tools at our disposal wither it’s a PC or a Mac, we can fix them all.

Just a non-comprehensive list of what we do.

  • Hard drive replacement – The Data storage component of your PC
  • Memory upgrades –If your computer is getting slower
  • Data recovery – We can get those family pictures/documents back!
  • Screen / LCD change – Accidents happen, or maybe it’s the screen isn’t as bright as used to be.
  • Keyboard replacement – For when your toddler takes off keys or Wine gets spilled.
  • Mother Board – Stuff happens